ROTH Technique

ROTH Osteopathic Technique for Health

for licensed Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, DNMs, MDs

The ROTH Technique Course teaches a set of proven low-impact structural assessment and alignment techniques. It is aimed at optimizing biomechanical body use, range of motion, injury prevention, and longtime safe use of the body.

The ROTH Technique is taught in five topic specific Modules in a number of online group sessions for the theoretical segments and in 3-Day Hands-on Intensives.

Module 1: Theory online via Skype or other medium

  • ROTH Technique differences, effects, and applications
  • Seeing beyond the anatomy – implications  and isolation of vector forces
  • Engaging muscle chains for force direction optimization, control, and safety
  • The role of resistance in the ROTH Technique

Module 2: Mixed Theory and Practical

  • ROTH Technique body assessments and evaluation
  • Formulating a Theory and treatment plan
  • Recognizing treatment barriers and ethical questions
  • Introduction to the specific techniques

Module 3: Applying the ROTH Technique I

  • Pelvic Alignment approaches
  • Sacral Techniques
  • Hips and Knees
  • Ankles, feet, toes

Module 4: Applying the ROTH Technique II

  • Upper and mid back
  • Ribs posterior and sternal
  • active and passive lumbar techniques

Module 5: Applying the ROTH Technique III

  • Shoulders, clavicle, and ribs
  • Elbows, wrists, hands, fingers
  • Neck and head