Reiki Energy Healing

Non-invasive Self-Healing Energy Technique Certification Classes. An ancient re-discovered art of healing brought back into every-day life

Reiki I Certificate Course – 2 days (10 hours total)

  • Reiki History
  • Reiki Principles
  • Self-healing techniques
  • General relaxation
  • Energy balancing
  • Reiki Hand Positions for self and others

Reiki II Certificate Course – 2 days (10 hours total)

  • Recap of Reiki I
  • More specific work to open and balance deeper awareness levels
  • Reiki II symbols, meaning and use
  • Introduces distance healing

Reiki II PRO – Certificate of Attendance – 1 day Intensive (6 hours)

mandatory for Master Practitioner and Teacher applicants

  • Intro into various Reiki uses and applications
  • Includes intro to crystal, chakra, and breathing work
  • Reiki integrated with other natural healing approaches and settings

Reiki III Master Practitioner Certificate Course – 3-day Intensive (15 hours total)

  • Teaches the advanced Reiki techniques (incl. master symbol)
  • Works on higher energy levels
  • Specialized techniques for deep clearing
  • Preparation techniques for Master-Teacher class

Reiki Master Teacher Certificate Course – 3-day Intensive (15 hours) + 1 yr Mentorship

  • Teaches additional techniques and symbols
  • Conveys lesson/course plans
  • Introduction and practice of attunements
  • Follow-up debriefs and sub-study assignments over the following year

Karuna™ Reiki I to III and Master/Teacher Certificate Course

for Usui Reiki Master-Teachers – 3-day Intensive (18 hours)

  • Intensifies Reiki and adds new techniques
  • Deals with deeper levels of healing including karmic and spiritual issues