Equi-PRO Technique

The EquiPRO Deep Tissue Release Technique

The EquiPRO Technique supports our highly specialized Equiopathy approach and works on musculoskeletal tensions and lesions using trigger points and other Equiopathy specific tools and approaches.

For licensed massage therapists and equine body workers we teach a convenient Online Course consisting of one-hour weekly segments via group skype.

For Horse Owners and Riders we offer the EquiPRO Technique courses as 3-Day Intensive Hands-on Workshops:

Module I – Basic

  • Purpose and Need for Equine Therapy
  • Conformation and other Limits of Equine Therapy
  • What is the EquiPRO Technique?
  • Surface Anatomy and obvious Problem Zones
  • Basic Approaches, Hand Positions and Techniques
  • Basic Mobilization Exercises
  • Hands-on Practice

Module II – Advanced

  • Summary of Basic Course and discussion of experience working with the EquiPRO Technique
  • Deeper Anatomy and complex Problem Zones
  • Advanced and Deep Tissue Techniques
  • Advanced Mobilization Exercises and Support Methods
  • Hands-on Practice