Selfhelp Courses for Everyone

Structural Courses for licensed Professionals (DO, DC, ND, DNM, MD, DVM)

Human Work

Equine Work

  • EQUIOPATHY Theory and Techniques for Equine Prevention, Rehabilitation, Optimization

Courses For Horse Owners and Riders

  • Equi-PRO Deep Tissue Release Technique for Horse Owners – Basic and Advanced
  • e-Group Classes and Courses dealing with the Equiopathy principles, Anatomy and Biomechanics
  • e-Consults or Group Courses for Problem Recognition and Troubleshooting
  • e-Groups for Riding Theory and Rider Training

e-Coaching for Dressage Riders

  • e-Dressage, Correction, and Rehab Training offered worldwide via Skype or Trainmedo

Limited number of Private Intensive Mentorships incl. Show Preparation with daily training debriefs and next-day work-out planning available from time to time