Beware of Training Programs Advertising "Collection" Training! Anyone who advocates teaching collection will be apt to turn your horse into a mental and physical trainwreck. Collection is a R E S U L T of all the steps and stages of the Training Scale or Training Pyramid having been mastered (see picture), not something you … Continue reading COLLECTION

Single-Jointed Snaffle Wisdom

Slowly Disappearing Knowledge Excerpt from upcoming book "A to Z Rider Hints" - copyright Dr. Rivkah Roth Bits come in all kinds of materials and shapes. Here we will only mention a few, perhaps less commonly considered aspects. Often the less experienced and less educated rider resorts to harsher bits for control. This is a … Continue reading Single-Jointed Snaffle Wisdom

Dressage for Jumpers?

A hundred years ago there was no such a thing as dressage or jumping. It simply was called riding or equestrian training. Gymnastic work, jumping, gallops on the race track, and outings on groomed trails and through natural forests and terrains were all equal part of horse and rider training. Indeed there were horses that … Continue reading Dressage for Jumpers?

Correction Riding

An Advance Teaser from the Upcoming Book A to Z Rider Hints Correction riding is a highly specialized, often thankless, branch of correct dressage training. It would be wonderful if we wouldn't need it, but sadly, we see more and more need for good correction work. Not every good professional trainer will make a correction … Continue reading Correction Riding

Rider’s A to Z Glossary #1

25 Days, 25 Letters of the Alphabet... By popular demand we republish a Rider's A to Z Glossary of technical terms; a  more or less alphabetical Series of rider expressions that, in form of a Rider's Advent Calendar, Rivkah Roth wrote for and posted on her CoachMeToo and Equiopathy Facebook pages in December 2019. 1/A:  … Continue reading Rider’s A to Z Glossary #1