Rivkah Roth DO DNM® DAc DTCM

Natural health professional, author and lecturer, and an international dressage trainer, retired GP judge, and Equiopathy founder, Dr. Rivkah Roth is a problem solver in all her fields. Her transdisciplinary approach allows her to quickly spot connections or challenges and come up with personalized solutions.

Born in Switzerland into a horse environment at a time when the WWII scars were still visible widely, Rivkah Roth’s path has since taken her to many parts of the world and into several fields of work. Now semi-retired, she focuses on sharing her acquired knowledge and experience with professionals and lay persons alike.

A few highlights of her health career…

Doctorates in Osteopathy, Natural Medicine, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2005 the North-American Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners  presented her with the Doctor of the Year Award in appreciation of her dedication and contribution to the field of natural medicine.

Published Author with two cook books (in German) published in the mid 1970s and a series of ten titles about diabetes avoidance including At Risk? Avoid Diabetes by Recognizing Early Risk  – A Natural Medicine View published 2008 in English.

Founder of Equiopathy for Prevention, Rehabilitation and Optimization in the 1980s and the Natural Medicine Centre in 2004.

As an equestrian…

Rivkah passed the Swiss National License LMS (all levels, all disciplines) in 1968, and became the youngest member ever invited to the prestigious VSCR (Swiss competition rider association). Since then she has trained well over a thousand horses.

Her students’ successes include: Professional Coaches on 5 continents (incl. CAN/CEF 1 to 3, ISR 1 to 3, Dutch 3rd Level Instructor, USA, AUS, among others), 1986 Dressage World Championships alternate (CAN), 1986 National GP Kuer Champion (CAN), 1992 Barcelona Olympics Longlist 3-Day (CAN), 2002 Young Horse Dressage World Championships – Verden/GER (ISR), World Cup dressage horse (CAN), many Nat. Champions all levels (CAN / ISR / SUI).

Equiopathy clients include: some of the horses that Rivkah correction rode over the decades and several big European competition and dealer stables, 30+ Swiss Nations Cup Jumpers, 50+ Grand Prix jumpers amid jumping, eventing, and dressage horses for int’l riders from SUI, ISR, GER, IRL, NZ, AUS, GB, CAN, USA, etc.

In her five decades of teaching Rivkah has gained a reputation of spotting issues immediately and, thanks to her structural medicine background, of being able to solve them efficiently and quickly.

Getting Optimal Results is not about Copying Outcomes,

it is about Perfecting Each Step along a Proven Path!